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Our History

West Harbour Alliance Church was planted out of First Alliance Church (now Blockhouse Bay Community Church) in 1977 by Rev. Royce and Betty Rexilius. They had a strong passion to reach out into the community, and a commitment to prayer.


Before land could be purchased and an initial facility built, a small group of people met at the home of Linda and Melvin Alexander for a number of weeks, and then eventually shifted to the Staff room of the Royal Road School, where 21 people became foundation members on September 13, 1979.


After only a few months, 4 sections of land were purchased on the crest of the hill at the corner of Moire and Luckens roads so that this young church "could be a light to the community". This was truly a visionary decision, for at this time the only neighbours were empty sections marked out by surveying pegs, and the livestock from the deer farm across Luckens road!


As time passed, the four sections were amalgamated into one, a facility was built with considerable amounts of volunteer labour, and the community that grew around it responded in droves to the passionate preaching of the loveable Pastor 'Rex'. Pastor Rex and Betty spent over ten great years in New Zealand before returning to their home in the USA.


Since that time, a number of Pastors have faithfully served the church including Neil Keating, Frank Marshall, Barry Charlton, Matthew Mordaunt, Brian Thom, Gordon Miller and a host of lay people have all worked tirelessly to see that this church would remain a light on the crest of a hill, committed to the people of our community, to prayer, and to the support of Alliance Global Missions.


In recent years we changed our name to West Harbour Church to more closely relate to our community but we remain a very active and committed member of the Alliance Churches of New Zealand

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